Workplace communication training for fast growing companies

Confident Speakers is a unique, tailored course that I deliver to companies who need to keep their in-company communication skills evolving at the same pace as their growth. 

Typically this is with companies who have a global workforce where English is a second language.

Confident Speakers

Choose this course to give your people the speaking skills to inspire, influence and lead.

The Confident Speakers Programme is based on 3 main principles


Developing the skills to speak and listen with purpose equips your team to be great communicators in any situation. Often non-native speakers mistakenly believe this is about grammar and pronunciation and native speakers believe either you have the gift of the gab or you don’t!

Our workplace communication course challenges both those common misconceptions. 

These are skills that are honed through guidance, practice and feedback. All three are available in bucket loads on Confident Speakers!

Shared standards

The way you do things in your business, your character and culture ultimately rely on a set of shared values and standards. Confident Speakers sets a standard in how your people listen to each other. People who attend the course learn first-hand that quality communications reap rewards. These standards and the benefits they bring to your company last long after the course ends.

Keeping it real

Lots has been discussed recently about bringing your authentic self to work. Confident Speakers helps your people find their individual natural communication style and then backs this up with solid communication techniques that work for that individual. 

There are hundreds of techniques that can be used to communicate. the trick is to find the handful that work really well for you!

What we cover on the course

  • Overcoming the blocks of public speaking
  • Personal strengths analysis
  • Structure and purpose in a speech
  • The energy of vocal variety
  • The power of storytelling
  • The impact of body language
  • Using words to persuade and influence
  • Adding a dash of humour
  • Keeping your audience’s attention

What happens on the course?

  • Give 2 prepared 5 minute speeches in front of an audience
  • Give lots of “off-the-cuff” improvised speeches in front of an audience
  • Receive and give feedback
  • Do a personal strengths analysis
  • Analyse and try out a whole range of speaking techniques to find the ones that fit
  • Observe and evaluate excellent keynote speakers
  • Discuss and compare different approaches for speaking via webcam and in the room. 
  • Discuss and agree standards  

The goodies

  • 50 Page Training Manual 
  • Toolbox of techniques
  • Expertise shared from people who use these skills in their work. This is not theoretical!
  • Invaluable feedback from trainers and peers 
  • Lots of practice in a friendly, safe environment
  • A team building experience that sets a new standard for in-company communication


  • 12 places on each course
  • 14 hour foundation training
  • 26 hour life habit training
  • 2 Hour Sessions
  • All live training on Zoom and in the room
  • 2 main trainers plus guest trainers and speakers for specific elements of the course

Meet the training team

Ellie Louis and Tony Smith along with guest trainers and speakers

Pick your Training Programme Option

All training is live online or in-person (where restrictions allow)

Starter Programme

  • Programme Features
  • Industry expert coaching
  • Personal strengths analysis
  • Personal feedback
  • Guest keynote speaker
  • 50 page manual (Print version)
  • 7 x 2 hr modules including: Team building/ Overcoming fear/ Setting purpose / Use of voice, body and words/ Storytelling / Language of leadership
  • Free refresher practice sessions 12 months
  • Record a podcast
  • Record a short video

Life Habit Programme

  • Programme Features
  • Industry expert coaching
  • Personal strengths analysis
  • Personal feedback
  • Guest keynote speakers
  • 50 page manual (Print version)
  • 13 x 2 hr modules including all the foundation programme modules plus: Knowing your audience/ Humour / Crafting communication for influence/ Applying skills online and in-person to large groups and one-to-one/ advanced use of voice, body and words
  • Free refresher practice session 12 months
  • Record a podcast
  • Record a short video

Have a specific need?

Talk to us about your needs and let’s match up the programme with your specific business situation

The Thinking Behind What We Do

The Confident Business programme takes workplace communication training in your business to another level by creating a business culture where everyone can engage with confidence.

The programme is underpinned by researched methodologies that increase personal self-confidence whilst developing the skills that all great communicators use to achieve connection, influence and impact.

The live communication training is specifically designed to be invigorating and intense for participants and they will find themselves fully engaged with their colleagues throughout the 2 hour sessions.

Our trainers are professionals in their fields. This is not theorising, it is practical, hands-on training delivered by people who use these skills in their everyday professional lives. On the programme you can expect to have expertise shared by a linguist, a voice-over artist, presenter, actor, sports commentator, digital recording expert and a world-class keynote speaker. 

The pedagogy is based on proven learning techniques that take participants through a powerful cycle of input, experimentation and feedback. Learning works best for us all when it is delivered in chunks with carefully timed intervals between sessions. The Confident Business Programme is delivered this way online and in-person.

Add to this the personal strength assessments and positive team building environment and you can see why this programme is so highly rated by businesses wanting to improve connection and communication across their organisations.