The Confident Business Story

Training based on professional life experience

Ellie Louis Confident Business

I help companies improve engagement and understanding between colleagues, in particular in companies with a global workforce where English is a second language.

My passion is helping people see the vast potential in themselves and creating environments that help people fly in their personal and professional lives. I thrive on change in my own life and enjoy anything that pushes the boundaries of what can be done.

In my career this has led me to be a humanitarian worker in a warzone, a Tesco wine buyer, a local government change consultant and a serial entrepreneur. I am also a linguist and have taught English and French as a foreign language to hundreds of people.

But my biggest strength is in facilitation and putting people at ease. By working with me, you and your team will feel comfortable enough to stretch your comfort zones and develop your skills in communication. Ultimately this will lead you and your company to better professional conversations and drive the success and health of your business growth.