Insightful Confidence

October 19, 2020
Ellie Louis

Insightful Confidence

Insightful confidence is the kind of confidence that people admire and find that they can connect with without really knowing why.

It’s a confidence that appears so natural and authentic that you might assume that it’s just a gift. But like so many things that appear to be effortless and stunningly simple, this has taken thought, preparation and hard work.

The Confident Speakers course shows you how speeches are crafted, what techniques are available to you and how you can craft that altogether into your own considerate communication. This is not only for the stage or the podium. Once you get the knack you’ll find you’ll use it in meetings, for quick exchanges of conversation, in your presentations…In fact anywhere you find yourself speaking.

But perhaps even more importantly, on The Confident Speakers course you get insight into how your communication is landing with your audience. Find out where your strengths are and how you can make them even stronger, receive specific and concrete guidance on ways you can improve and then try out this new advice and get feedback on how you did. All this insight is delivered to you in a safe and professional environment where you can confidently experiment and take risks to develop your communication style and take it to the next level of influence.

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