Mind the gap. Speaking English at work how much are you missing out on?

Global business speaks English, but are non-native speakers missing out? An eye-watering 60% of people come out of work meetings not knowing what they need to do next! And that is assuming that they are native speakers. What would that number look like for a global company with a global workforce operating in English, many […]

Confidence, Inner Strength and a Little Pig!

The quick and cheap route to confidence nearly always has shaky foundations Confidence is a bit like the house built out of bricks in the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. It is solid, fends off threats and is generous to those in need. Like most enduring stories, there is something we could all learn, […]

Get on with it!

The power of a simple phrase When my son was at school, it seemed like he was always in trouble with his teachers and the school were starting to encourage me to go down the route of finding some kind of medical diagnosis to explain his behaviour and I suppose resolve this problem for them […]