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Ellie Louis Confident Business

Here's some of the things I can help you with...


Training that transforms your in-company communication skills

Personal development to improve your online meeting skills and presentation skills

Workshops to help you with creativity, problem solving and making sense of insights

Away days, strategy days, facilitated team discussion

Setting up effective communication skills for your business within a defined structure that helps meetings become the centres of productivity and relationships that they can so usefully be.

Routines and processes to get conversation flowing whether in the office or working from home.

Here's some of the things I believe make a big difference to your people..

Give meeting time a structure and purpose that maximises the value of human relationships

Train your team to become top communicators who can inspire, influence and get things done!

Develop a communication structure that supports your company culture remotely and in the office


Because remote WFH has made the moments shared in meetings the most important interactions your people share.


Because this will make all those thousands of communication moments so much more productive, influential and enjoyable!



So that everyone knows the rules of engagement and can therefore engage, challenge and contribute to your company’s progress.

When you implement a Confident Business Programme in your organisation you create a culture of confidence with effective communication skills where everyone can engage.

Communication between and within your teams becomes more productive and enjoyable and your customers start to notice the difference.

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